Maestro platter

For two 140

A gigantic platter featuring as assortment of our specialties.

Bruschetta I 1/2 lobster I clams I snow crab I mussels I coconut shrimps I fried calamari I shrimp satays I sauces : garlic butter, lime butter, cayenne and gin sour cream, orange-horseradish

Big seafood platter on ice

For two 185

1 lobster I snow crab I salmon tartare I 4 black tiger shrimps I 8 fresh  oysters I 4 raw clams I scallop ceviche I 1/2 pound cold mussels I all their sauces

Small seafood platter on ice for one person


Snow crab I salmon tartare I 4 black tiger shrimps I 6 fresh  oysters I cold mussels I raw clams I all their sauces

Giant seafood platter

For 4 people 600

2 grilled Canadian lobsters, 30 oz of King crab gratiné with Swiss cheese and a Thermidor sauce, White wine mussels,  12 giant shrimp sautéed with garlic and white wine , 8 huge scallops flambeed with brandy and a Madagascar sauce, 12 Rockefeller oysters , Swordfish sautéed with clarified butter, white wine, French shallots, and honey

Served with pilaf rice, garlic, and lime butter.

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